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Working to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage injuries and illnesses common to the physically active individual, the sportsmedicine professional has become an integral piece of the healthcare landscape of the 21st century. In today's fast paced society, it is important to have educated allied healthcare professionals trained to help active people maintain a healthy lifestyle and recover from injuries or illnesses.

The Sports Medicine Department is composed of three different majors and one master's program:

The Bachelor's of Science Degree program in Sportsmedicine at Mercyhurst College prepares students for careers or advanced degrees in this growing field. With pre-physical therapy" pre-medicine, pre-physician assistant and pre-occupational therapy. These educational options provide students with an array of professional careers. Each concentration provides students with the opportunity to observe and personally work with allied health professionals in their specific professional enviroments while working.

Athletic Training
The Sportsmedicine Department also offers a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Athletic Training. The mission of the Athletic Training Education Program at Mercyhurst College is to provide the student with the necessary didactic and psychomotor competencies, clinical proficiencies, and experience both academically and clinically, required to sit for the BOC examination.

Exercise Science
The Exercise Science Major is another viable Bachelor's of Science degree within the Sports Medicine Department for those interested in this health field as it relates to physical fitness and wellness. The Exercise Science degree promotes positive health/wellness practices for personal and economic benefits through health and fitness and wellness related careers.

Masters of Science Exercise Science
Land high-level positions in professional or collegiate athletics, wellness centers hospitals and more with the Master of Science in Exercise Science degree. This program allows the student to learn everything in order to succeed as an exercise clinician and have the opportunity to finish the program in one year, get hands-on experience in real clinical settings and labs, and properly prepares the student to excel on the Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist exam.

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